April 13, 2024

ADONIS Gestational Surrogacy

Present-day medical help provides a variety of options on how to overcome fertility and reproductive problems. One of them is well-developed Programs using Surrogate motherhood.

ADONIS Fertility International is the clinic that can be the right choice for families from the whole world who want to experience the happiness of parents.

ADONIS technological capacity is located in Ukraine, Kyiv, so you can combine the pleasant journey with the highest quality treatment.

Surrogacy in Ukraine 

In Ukraine there is a stable and well regulated legislation about Surrogacy treatment. On the official level only Gestational Surrogacy is allowed.

Gestational Surrogacy have numerous advantages, there are some of them:

  • Genetic connection of the baby with the Intended parents (at least one person of the spouse)
  • Surrogate have no relation to the baby (genetic, relative bonds), she only carries the baby
  • Surrogacy agreement availability which establish the rights and obligations of the sides
  • Exceptional health of the Surrogate which create even higher chances for successful baby birth

ADONIS Fertility International works under the norms and regulations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and official Ukrainian legislation. Our standards of medical help are really high in relation to equipment facilities, staff selection, care aspects and medical support even after discharge.

Legislation in the sphere of Surrogacy varies from country to country, so you need to carefully choose the best variant according to your wishes and requests.

From our side, we in ADONIS ensure full safety and confidence of our patients thanks to the stable Ukrainian legislation and ADONIS own Legal Department (always in touch and ready to help).

Affordability of Surrogacy treatment 

Gestational Surrogacy cost in ADONIS is reasonable and comparatively low. When ADONIS Surrogacy Program cost begins from $35 858 with additional non-medical services, Surrogacy USA cost can be over $90 000 for the simplest Infertility Program.

There is an apparent difference for everyone, so it’s only your decision what to choose.

ADONIS Fertility International means the highest quality for an affordable price – the ideal ratio which leads to success.

ADONIS Surrogacy Program content

Each Program presented in ADONIS Fertility International was developed by the best specialists of the field who work with the whole dedication and knowledge for the well-being of the patients.

Depending on the chose Surrogacy Program, there is a list of medical services you can count on:

  • Full examination of the Intended parents before the treatment (on the basis of ADONIS own technological basis)
  • Full examination of the Surrogate before the treatment (on the basis of ADONIS own technological basis)
  • Cryopreservation and storage of genetic material (on the basis of ADONIS own cryobank)
  • Delivery process (in ADONIS own Maternity Hospital)
  • Providing of genetic material – eggs or sperm (from the ADONIS own Donor bank)

Non-medical services include the following proposals:

  • Surrogate mother selection (from ADONIS own Surrogate database)
  • Translation of the documents
  • Notarization of the documents
  • Personal coordination throughout the Program
  • Financial compensation for the Surrogate (healthy diet, accommodation, clothing support)

The greatest wonder of baby birth is not just a dream, even for families with severe fertility problems. Just choose the qualitative medical establishment to reach your main goal. ADONIS Fertility International can become precisely those medical help which lead to successful pregnancy – whether it is a Surrogacy Program or just IVF treatment.

The best solution for infertility overcoming is ADONIS Programs.