June 24, 2024

Essential Oils For Use in Aromatherapy Treatments

There are many different types of essential oils, but for this article we will focus on just two: Lavender and Eucalyptus. These two types are most often used in the form of fragrances and make very nice additions to your aromatherapy supply.

Essential oils have been used by women throughout history. Historically, they were used in treating and healing burns, wounds, cuts, insect bites, bites from rattlesnakes, mouth ulcers, stomach pains, and more. In Europe, Queen Elizabeth I was so enamored with essential oils that she brought them back to England. Her most famous use was to soothe the smoldering embers of a campfire.

If you’ve ever been stung by a rooster or other bug, you may have had some idea of what a powerful smell a bird can give off. More often than not, it smells like the burnt wood of a campfire. So it is no surprise that essential oils are now becoming more popular for their calming effects. Even a recent article in a women’s magazine said, “Essential oils can eliminate shyness, calm kids, or help men with erectile dysfunction.”

Lavender is probably the most well known and widely used. It is simply a fragrance, but it has been used for centuries to treat minor illnesses. The flowers from lavender are dried and steeped in alcohol to make a strong enough scent that it can be used as an essential oil.

Using your own mixture of oils, you can create a relaxing or invigorating aroma that will give your home a warm and inviting feel. In fact, in the last few years there has been quite a bit of commercial production of lavender scented products.

Eucalyptus is also an important essential oil. Unlike lavender, it does not come from the flowers of the plant. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves and stems of the plant. It is a strong oil, but it is best used in smaller doses than lavender.

As you can see, there are many uses for essential oils and essential oil boxes wholesale for aromatherapy, but there are only a few that are quite popular today. Use one or both of these oils in your own blend or mix to create a scent that will bring a little bit of magic into your life.