July 19, 2024

Facts You Must Know About Bifocal Lenses for Astigmatism

Earlier vision related problems used to be a nightmare for people as it was difficult to correct it, but with the advancement in medical sciences it is possible to correct many of the vision problems today. The Vision errors are sometimes inherited or sometimes it is due to the consequences of stress on our eyes. Astigmatism is one of the vision errors in which irregular reflection of the object is created due to irregular reflection and refraction.

If you have vision errors then you must visit an optometrist so that they can correct the errors in your eyes. The refractive errors can be corrected by glasses, lens or surgery. It is very important to correct your eye problems so that you can do your daily tasks easily. If you are in Houston then you can find many optometrists near you. You can search professional doctors or clinics online. You must find a clinic that has the best service and top ratings. For an eye doctor in Houston you can prefer Houston Eye Glasses as they have best optometrist to treat your eyes.

Bifocal lenses And Their Use for Astigmatism

  • Soft lenses are good choice for a time but after some period of time you need to wear both the glasses and lenses to correct your vision. After the age of forty you may face several vision problems due to which you might not be able to read so you are suggested either to wear both the glasses and the lens or the bifocal lens to correct the problem.
  • After wearing soft lenses, it might become difficult for you to wear bifocal gas permeable lenses and even after wearing these lenses your problem may not be resolved.
  • The bifocal lenses that correct astigmatism are known as toric multifocal lens. These lenses will help you to get rid of the problem.
  • You will not be able to use it until you are qualified to use this lens by your eye doctor. Another option to get rid of astigmatism is hybrid contact lenses. These multifocal lenses are made up of gas permeable plastic and surrounded by a soft zone that has nothing to do with optics that makes it more comfortable.
  • The cost of these bifocal lenses is relatively higher.

It is advised to see a professional eye practitioner, if you have any vision related problem and get it corrected immediately.