July 19, 2024

Here’s Why Every Adventure Enthusiast Needs To Try Bouldering!

If you are keen on trying rock climbing at some point in your life, the adventure should ideally start with bouldering. For the uninitiated, bouldering is basically rock climbing at the basic level. There are special climbing gyms that train people for rock climbing and it all starts with bouldering. Much like any other sport or activity related to mountaineering, bouldering requires four important aspects – strength, stamina, balance and technique. In this post, we are discussing why this is something that every adventure enthusiast needs to try.

Because it doesn’t rely on equipment

For many people, gym sessions are boring. After a point, the same old workouts and fitness equipment don’t make sense. Bouldering works like a full-body workout, and it doesn’t rely on any equipment. In some cases, people are allowed to use ropes and harnesses, but essentially, bouldering do not require any of these, and the main aim is to climb boulders or artificial rocks in smaller steps, taking up one challenge at a time.

Because you can do it indoors

Bouldering can be enjoyed indoors, and as we mentioned, we now have fitness studios and gyms that have turned the activity into a mainstream mode of staying fit. Indoor training works for a lot of people, and yes, it is certainly more accessible. For someone who has never tried something complicated like rock climbing, bouldering is the way to go.

Because you don’t need experience

The best part of bouldering is its simplicity. Yes, you will be climbing high structures and it can be fun and exciting, but if you have vertigo or are scared or heights in general, this is not something that will intimidate in any way. Most gyms have amazing introductory courses, which is a great thing for learning the basics. Before you get concerned about falling on the floor, it’s important to note that floors are usually padded or safety mats are used. So, even if you fall, you will not get hurt.

Because this is a more social form of workout

At climbing gyms, you would be attempting bouldering with a lot of other people, and that makes this a social form of exercise where everyone is involved and encouraging each other. You will enjoy this more if you have a partner or something to tag along.

Most people without specific health concerns can consider bouldering as a form of fitness, except for kids below 14 years of age.