July 19, 2024

How Does Regenerative Medicine Treat Arthritis Pain?

Your body’s specialized cells, platelets, and stem cells will keep you healthy throughout your life. They are responsible for healing and creating new cells to repair damaged tissue and continue to heal injuries.

Regenerative medicine taps into the body’s natural healing power, removing these cells and using them for your arthritic joint treatment.

Florida Medical Pain Managements team has extensive experience in using regenerative medicine for arthritis pain relief. They explain how cells are created, how they heal, and where they come from.

Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is composed of large quantities of platelets in small amounts of plasma (the fluid portion of your blood). Your bloodstream is home to platelets. They are activated by your body’s healing response when you get injured or have a disease, such as arthritis.

Growth factors are proteins found in platelets. They simply release growth factors to initiate healing. The growth factors communicate with surrounding cells to trigger essential healing activities such as:

Stimulating new blood vessel growth

Reduce inflammation and pain

Prevention of the degeneration and destruction of healthy tissues

Supporting tissue reconstruction

Promoting cellular growth

Stem cells can be recruited to the area

Real-time imaging is used to guide the needle when injecting your PRP. This ensures that the plate is released at the injured and inflamed tissues. By injecting platelets, you can get relief from arthritis pain and accelerate joint healing.

When your natural platelets become overwhelmed by arthritis-related joint damage, PRP injections can be very beneficial. A PRP injection can also make a significant difference in pain when injured tissues don’t have enough platelets due to a low blood supply.

The role of platelets is crucial in the beginning and support of the overall healing process. Your body’s healing agents are the stem cells that have been recruited to this area. They can regenerate new tissue.

Stem cell therapy

Adult stem cells are found throughout the body and have the incredible ability to self-replicate, thereby creating new cells. Every new cell can develop into many different types of tissue.

Regenerative medicine uses stem cells to create new bones, muscles, and ligaments. These stem cells are used to treat arthritis as they can repair and regrow damaged tissues.

Stem cell therapy is the injection of concentrated stem cells. The injected cells heal and regenerate damaged tissues as they reach the injured tissue. Stem cells can also provide faster pain relief and speed up healing.

Stem cell and PRP treatments

We simply need to take a small amount of blood from you and then process it in the centrifuge. The centrifuge separates platelets from plasma and other blood components. Once the PRP has been isolated, we take it and inject it into your joint.

The body fat and bone broth are rich in adult stem cells, which can regenerate muscles, ligaments, and tendons as well as cartilage and other musculoskeletal tissue.

Most often, stem cells are taken from bone marrow. We use a hollow needle to take a sample of your hip bone. After separating the stem cells from the tissue, we inject them into the joint. The healing cells immediately get to work and regenerate the cells required to relieve your pain.

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