July 19, 2024

Why the double chin issue usually happens?

Let’s talk about why double chin issues usually happens in this informative guide.

Your posture is a big part of it

The posture of human has become more slumped and irresponsible with the introduction of smartphones and computers. It has significantly affected human’s general health and it is a primary cause of having double chin. Not practicing a good posture may lead to back and neck problems in the future as well.

A particular part of our body that links the neck and chin, is overworked when we hunch our necks. Due to its weakness, the skin around the jawline may become less elastic, which can result in drooping. If the issue seems quite overwhelming, you can always consult with the professionals from ‘double chin removal Singapore.’

The feature

No matter whether you are overweight or not, those with recessive chins and weak jawlines are more likely to acquire a double chin than those without. This happens especially when the skin is stretched across a smaller region in these people.

It just takes a little increase in fat or loss in skin elasticity to produce a double chin because the skin on this side of the face is less firmly pulled across the face.

Skin that is aging

It is natural to lose the skin’s elasticity and starts to get saggy while we start aging. According to research, when you reach your mid-twenties, your body begins producing less collagen. Consequently, that way your skin loses suppleness and collagen production decreases gradually with time. In general, the more people age, the more they will have more layers of skin under their chin.